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  • aluminum thermally broken gray sliding doors

    Kinglive Door and window systems is a professional design and manufacture doors and windows company.  Located in China, as an innovative manufacturer of folding, sliding, casement ,Tilt-turn doors and windows, the doors and windows are widly used in  commercial, residential and construction markets.

      Inheriting the concept of Dignity, Vogue,Simplicity , Kinglive imported windows and doors processing machine and hollow glass  production line from WEGEMA in Germany. Based on high level processing machine, professional technology, flexible design, and comply with  ISO9000,  Kinglive introduces you: Europe style energy conservation thermally broken folding sliding doors and windows,  North America style aluminum-wood sliding doors and windows,  Europe style Laminated Timber interior doors, Australia style Aluminum doors and windows. These systems are combination with high quality tempered , Low-E & hollow glass; and high quality PE fly screen, stainless steel fly screen; and  shutter, aluminum shutter, or timber shutter.

      There are hundreds of combination, there are available for domestic and commercial use, such as Living room extensions,French or patio door replacement; Conservatories, Sunrooms and Balconies;  Bars, Restaurants, and Shop fronts;Car show rooms; Swimming pool enclosures,and etc, can meet your different requirements.

      Adhere to customer service purposes of  Dignity, Efficiency and Satisfaction。

      We are dedicated to delivering a quality of product and level of service to customers that is second to none。 All for a price, more attainable than you may think。

      Kinglive offers you high-quality products at a competitive price along with exceptional customer care, Our door and window systems have been supplied to many countries throughout the world for many years。 Kinglive is your reliable partner。

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  • The difference from Aluminum and PVC doors and Windows
  • Intensity of wind pressure and Waterproof performance
    PVC is not as strong as aluminum, even PVC frames are reinforced with metal, apart from the air tightness, intensity of wind pressure and waterproof performance is not as strong as aluminum, and because of the tight fit possible with aluminum-framed double glazed windows, they are favored for security.

    Early vinyl windows and inexpensive brands have little resistance to sunlight. Sunlight breaks down PVC unless the PVC has been specially treated. Vinyl windows must include a surface layer of reflective material, such as titanium dioxide, to slow this damage. Aluminum windows are naturally resistant to UV damage without special treatment.

    Anti static electricity and thunder
    Aluminum is good conductor, when it is as windows and doors frame, and with good grounding measures, can be used as lightning protection and anti static electricity.vinyl is insulator, it is not available to anti lightning when used in high rise building.in addition, if it is without anti static electricity treatment, then used in civil construction,it is difficult to clean the dust after static fouling, and may affect the appearance of decorative. vinyl doors and windows are not available to used in power or explosive workshop, electronic assemble workshop, as well as computer room.

    Fire resistance
    PVC windows have good fire resistance than wood windows, but compare with non-combustion of aluminum windows, most of people would like to choice aluminum windows. PVC has good fire resistance, but in some conditions, it can be combustion, and will give off Dioxin during burning, that why cause heavy casualties when it is fired.  Many countries may not use PVC doors and windows of public buildings to reduce unnecessary harm.

    Aluminum doors and windows come in nearly any color. They may be powder coated, using a special thermoplastic process, or anodized with electricity, which bonds the color directly to the aluminum. Vinyl doors and windows also come in many colors, but darker colors behave less well in the heat. Dark-colored vinyl doors and windows become flexible in high temperatures and may not perform as well as lighter shades.
    Maintenance and Durability
    Both aluminum and PVC window frames are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
    Both are also durable, although inexpensive PVC window frames tend to expand and contract when exposed to extremes of heat and cold, making them harder to operate and prone to air leakage. Vinyl window frames cannot be painted and darker shades may fade over time.
    Aluminum windows never need painting, don't rot or warp and are rigid and strong enough to bear the load of window lintels with minimal reinforcement. If the aluminum frame with power coated or anodized with electricity , over time, aluminum keeps new, even in coastal areas with salty air.
    Both aluminum and PVC doors and windows can be made from recycled materials, but recycled vinyl doors and windows are considered lower quality. Aluminum recycling is highly efficient, and the final recycled product retains the strength and durability of the original. Aluminum doors and windows sections are also easier to recycle than PVC doors and windows sections, which contain high levels of chlorine--a substance that makes recycling tricky.

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