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   How to get offer?
It is free to get a quotation. Email or fax the dimension, color, config, quantity, and etc of the door that you want to us,  our account manager will offer you soon.  The offer if reliable is depends on if you provide enough information.
  How to order the door in special color?
The color in the RAL standard color scope is available. For your order we need the exact RAL color code. Note: 1) The lead time for the door in special color will be longer than normal ones.2) It may be subject to additional charge for the special color if the order quantity is less than 100 m2.
  How about the lead time?
For normal doors or windows are about twenty business days;  Maybe,  thirty business days is needed in hot season.
  Is dimension limited?
Normally, we offer standard dimension scope in the building industrial, beyond the standard(very huge or very small), please check with us, you will be get a free proposal.
  How to clean and maintain?
In general using environment, using soft cloth and neuter cleaner to daily clean; for moving parts of hardware,to lubricate them once each year with lubricating oil it is enough. At severe dust place or near the sea area, please lubricate the hardware’s moving parts immediately when you feel to open and close the door or window is not smooth. This is the best way to keep hardware’s life longer.
  How about the way of shipping? And the shipping date?
A: Default way is by sea, port to port, the shipping date is about 15~30days to over the world. B: Door to door is available, please list your address and post code to us if you need this service.
  How about the payment term?
General payment term is T/T and L/C. We are trying to add credit card, PayPal and other payment term.
  What’s different from ordinary aluminum profile , thermal-broken aluminum profile and aluminum with timber profile? And how to choice?
First of all, most of people knows that glass transfer most of heat and cold from the outside to the inside of the door and window, so ordinary aluminum door and window can be widely used. In that case, choice the right energy conservation glass is very important. Second, thermally broken refers to door frames that include a polyurethane block that separates the door frame from the glazing. This helps to reduce thermal heat loss and condensation build-up in colder climates. And, of course, the thermal barrier resists the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside of the frame. Thermally broken is an option available on all of our doors &windows and recommended in colder and hot climates. Finally, aluminum with timber door and window system is the best choice for someone who pursue perfection. It is not only keep nature, but also energy conservation, the first choice for high-end construction.
  How to buy your products if I was individual or building contactor?
Email or call us, our account manager will help to order.
  Do you supply fly screen?
Yes, proposal of suitable fly screen can be provided. Ordinary config of fly screen is roller fly screen, sliding fly screen, and folding fly screen. Standard color of fly screen profile is white. Mess color is grey.
  Is sample available?
Yes, we are glad to provide free aluminum profile; but will be charge you for complete prototype samples, the sample cost will be returned after get your order.
  How many kinds of glass?
There are coating glass, brush glass, stained glass, and etc, contact us for detail.
  When install the door?
A: For External aluminum door, generally, fix before floor paving and wall decoration; B: For Internal aluminum door and wooden door, fix after floor paving and during wall decoration.
The products come with a warranty effective for one year starting on the date of the original purchase(not including glass). Ten years limited warranty and lifetime service support.
  Is there threehold or sill with the doors and windows
Normally: there is frame on the bottom of Aluminum doors and windows. The frame is similar as threshold or sill,It has waterproof and sealed function and hight no less than 40mm. Special condition: it is unnecessary to have the frame in interior door or somewhere needs barrierfree, it may use the threshold or sill that closed to the ground.
  Are there nail fins available to the doors and windows
Yes.nailing fins are available to help in installing the doors and windows,If your local housing construction law requests that the doors or windows should fix with Nail Fin on the wall to promote the sealed performance , please kindly mentioned on the purchase order.
   Is Electric opener available on the windows
Yes,Electric opener is available on the windows,if the windows are fixed at the high place,or in some reason that you can't working it by hand. All the Electric opener are imported from EU and complying with CE standard,Standard opener is Chain Winder.
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