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  • aluminum thermally broken gray sliding doors

    Kinglive Door and window systems is a professional design and manufacture doors and windows company。  Located in China, as an innovative manufacturer of folding, sliding, casement ,Tilt-turn doors and windows, the doors and windows are widly used in  commercial, residential and construction markets。

      Inheriting the concept of Dignity, Vogue,Simplicity , Kinglive imported windows and doors processing machine and hollow glass  production line from WEGEMA in Germany。 Based on high level processing machine, professional technology, flexible design, and comply with  ISO9000,  Kinglive introduces you: Europe style energy conservation thermally broken folding sliding doors and windows,  North America style aluminum-wood sliding doors and windows,  Europe style Laminated Timber interior doors, Australia style Aluminum doors and windows。 These systems are combination with high quality tempered , Low-E & hollow glass; and high quality PE fly screen, stainless steel fly screen; and  shutter, aluminum shutter, or timber shutter。

      There are hundreds of combination, there are available for domestic and commercial use, such as Living room extensions,French or patio door replacement; Conservatories, Sunrooms and Balconies;  Bars, Restaurants, and Shop fronts;Car show rooms; Swimming pool enclosures,and etc, can meet your different requirements.

      Adhere to customer service purposes of  Dignity, Efficiency and Satisfaction.

      We are dedicated to delivering a quality of product and level of service to customers that is second to none. All for a price, more attainable than you may think.

      Kinglive offers you high-quality products at a competitive price along with exceptional customer care, Our door and window systems have been supplied to many countries throughout the world for many years. Kinglive is your reliable partner.

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  • House DIY of Plants
  •    Believing that every one love to plant some plants, not only for beauty, but also environment. Let's try to understand the relationship between residence and plant at the point of environment and usage. apart from curtain, plant is the perfect media to adjust the sunlight and temperature at indoor, at the same time, it can increase the oxygen in the air, and even sound insulation function. In conclusion that plant is definite our good friends, it can enlarge fun of living! How to make good use of plant is difficult than curtain, but usually, you can get help from someone that sevice for plant store or farm.

       There are two examples to explain how to use plant to adjust the house's sunlight and temperature, reduce the use of air condition or heating to save energy.

    House DIY-house and plant

    Garden and big plant

       If your house has garden already, you may consider to plaint a deciduous tree in south of your house. In the summer, the tree covers of lush leaves, make the house cool; in the winter, the sunlight can reflect into your house through the leaves off the tree, your house gets more sunlight that feel warm. But, please be noted that the root of the big tree may affect your house's root.

    Plants at balcony and terrace

    Plants at balcony and terrace

       Put some big leafed plants or hanging plantsat your balcony or terrace, how much sunlight you need, it depends on the density of the tree leaves and height of the plants, you may choice what you need。 Though, the effect is not goods big plants, but it is easy to work。 In that way, it may hold up 10~20% sunlight, that can reduce 2~3℃ indoor temperature。
       The plants will absorb the sun to release oxygen from photosynthesis, but also help improve air quality. While the winter is coming, change the place of plants to adjust the sunlight into house, let sunlight to increase the indoor temperature.  The downside is the plants keep a certain degree of moisture, so in the humid climate area may go mouldy, so need pay attention to  ventilation and clean .


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