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    Kinglive Door and window systems is a professional design and manufacture doors and windows company.  Located in China, as an innovative manufacturer of folding, sliding, casement ,Tilt-turn doors and windows, the doors and windows are widly used in  commercial, residential and construction markets.

      Inheriting the concept of Dignity, Vogue,Simplicity , Kinglive imported windows and doors processing machine and hollow glass  production line from WEGEMA in Germany. Based on high level processing machine, professional technology, flexible design, and comply with  ISO9000,  Kinglive introduces you: Europe style energy conservation thermally broken folding sliding doors and windows,  North America style aluminum-wood sliding doors and windows,  Europe style Laminated Timber interior doors, Australia style Aluminum doors and windows. These systems are combination with high quality tempered , Low-E & hollow glass; and high quality PE fly screen, stainless steel fly screen; and  shutter, aluminum shutter, or timber shutter.

      There are hundreds of combination, there are available for domestic and commercial use, such as Living room extensions,French or patio door replacement; Conservatories, Sunrooms and Balconies;  Bars, Restaurants, and Shop fronts;Car show rooms; Swimming pool enclosures,and etc, can meet your different requirements.

      Adhere to customer service purposes of  Dignity, Efficiency and Satisfaction。

      We are dedicated to delivering a quality of product and level of service to customers that is second to none。 All for a price, more attainable than you may think。

      Kinglive offers you high-quality products at a competitive price along with exceptional customer care, Our door and window systems have been supplied to many countries throughout the world for many years。 Kinglive is your reliable partner。

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  • Aluminum door and windows virtue
  •   Excellent performance: there are good wind resistance, air tightness, waterproof performance for aluminum door and window; thermally broken aluminum profile and hollow glass are used, that has good Energy Conservation, no frost, non condensing, can be  compatible with any high quality and high rise building.

      Good decorative effect.  The aluminum profile can be coated in all kinds of color and do different style, and surface gloss, slim aluminum frame match with large area glass, and large panel is available, looks very modern and elegant, made your building more shiny.

       * Durable。 The coated aluminum profile has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion ability, not afraid of humidity and sun radiation, not deformation in high temperature, not fragmentation in low temperature, not burning, workable in any climatic environment。

       *  Being conducive to environmental protection. The scrap aluminum profile can be recycled, high utilization rate.

       *  Light weight. The density of aluminum profile is steel’s 1/3.

       *  Excellent processing performance。 Aluminum profile can be processed large size and complex shape, and with high precision。

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