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    More and more people could use workable tools to decorate their house by themselves or together with their family members or friends, and including installing the doors and windows. It is easy to install the doors and windows, every customer could install them smoothly according to our user manual and pictures. You may get great achievement when doing it yourself.  Additionally,  if you don’t have enough people and tools to help finish the installing, it is a good choice that leave this project to professional decoration company and person. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem during installing, our professional account manager are glad to service for you.

   Note: The hardwares are attached, such as screws, are for door and window itself only, not including the screws, support pad, filling foam cement, and glass cement that fixed the door or window to the wall. The screws that fixed the door or window to the wall depend on the material of the opening wall, and the screws’ length depend on the gap between the door and wall. It is easy to find these material at your local building material supermarket. Please prepare these material according to the doors and windows’ quantity.

Install door frame  

Installtion example

  KL-45 aluminum folding sliding doors

Installing time:

   A: For External aluminum door, generally, fix before floor paving and wall decoration.

   B: For Internal aluminum door and wooden door, fix after floor paving and during wall


Preparing working: clean the sand, mud and dust that around the opening wall;  remove the foreign protruding part。 Suggestion that opening half of package in order to take out the door, to avoid to scratch and damage the door appearance。

  1。 First, double check all the material that door or window related according to the packing 

       list, dimensions and direction of the door or window.

  2. Determine the installation location on the wall, and do the fixed point for the door or

       window frame, 50~80cm distance between each fixed point is recommend, but for

       hinges, please increase the fixed point.

   3. Assemble the frame(big door or window is request), the four angles of frame should be

       connected flush and kept 90 degree right angle。

   4. Fix the assembled frame to the wall. It should have support pat on the space that

       between the assembled frame and wall(specially for big size frame), in order to avoid

       frame bending. It may check by long spirit level.

   5。 Double check the dimension, this step is very important。

       A: Check the width and height of the frame same as drawing, diagonal equal. This

       checking can ensure that panels could be installed, or the gap between panels isn’t too  


       B: Inspecting and adjusting the frame to keep level and vertical at X,Y,Z axis direction。

        After complete installed the frame, check again, do A and B work; if it doesn’t meet the

        requirement, then repeat A and B work, till meet the requirement.

   6. According to installing guide, drawing and mark on the product, assemble the panels,

       hinges and handles step by step, these are factory  pre-standardization work, you can

       easily complete.

   7. After finish installing, try to open and close the door, adjust the hinges, top and bottom

        track roller, for all panels’ gap, height at the same level and consistent;  adjust the lock

        point or relative position of buckle and lock, so that the door or windows could close

        closely; check the gasket or brush if at the right place, if not, take rubber hammer to

        adjust them. It can open and close smoothly after adjusted.

   8. Fill foam cement at the gap that between frame and wall, remove and clean the foreign

       protruding and spare part , then coat glass cement inside and outside。

   9. Finally, clean spare glass cement after 24hours, and don’t close, open or  impact your

       door and window strongly with 72 hours。

   10. Enjoy, your finish your new door and window installing!

Please remove the protect film and clean the door and window after you finish your house decoration。

Please to inquiry the install guide.

Install frame
Ajust and fix door frames
Ajust and fix frame
Install and ajust door panels
Install and ajust panels
Fill foam
Fill foam
Door Installation finish


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