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  Measurement is very important, but don’t worry about this, will attach drawing and config with offer to help you double check.


   a.For casement and folding door, need panels width space for opening or folding, so leave enough space for it.

   b。Regarding the inward or outward, we always stand in the room to look out, please noted when you release purchase order。


Door Measuring

Measurement factor

1。Opening plumb and level

   Make sure your opening is very close to perfectly square: Use a level to

   check the wall sides for plumb and the top and bottom for level.

2.Choice the measurement point

   The measurement point should be more than 3 points(plumb direction:

   top, mid, bottom, three points; level direction: left, mid, right, three points),

   increase the measurement points if the opening very huge. This must be

   done from side to side and top to bottom. Choice the smallest

   measurement value(width and height), then subtract 20mm, the size the is

   the exact door or window size.

3。Bottom track installing

   Neither door or window, if you want the bottom frame floor flush (flush

   track), please don’t forget the distance under the floor, the frame height  

   includes the bottom track。

4.The way of opening for the door or window

   once you have your opening size you need to decide which direction you

    would like you door to fold forward to right , left or both? Outward or inward ?


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