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  • casement and tilt-turn windows
  •  Matching with 3-layer hollow glass  or laminated bullet-proof glasss to improve noise insulation and security.

     Matching with hide roller fly screen, it is  the top product configuration of windows。


    aluminum-wood casement and titl-turn window

    KL-AW75 and KL-AW92

    Aluminum-Wood casement and tilt-turn  windows



    Panel widths do not exceed 1000mm and a maximum height of up to 2100mm.      


    Aluminum Thickness T=2.0mm 

    Hardware brand:SIEGENIA;GIESSE       ã€€ã€€ 

    Finishes(Standard color):    

    * Aluminum: White; Grey

    * Handles: Black and white       

    * Gaskets: Black        

    * Hinges: Black and white

    * Wood: white oak with transparents trim paint 



    windows configurations              

     There are over ten opening styles, including inward and outward opening。
    alu-wood casement window configurations

    Aluminum wood window particular


    open position of casement window bottom hinge of tilt-turn window handle of casement and tilt-turn window
                             tilt position                  open position         bottom hinge             handle


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