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       The advantages of folding sliding doors are that the full opening panels like the glass wall can be moved, barrier-free line of sight, natural air convection, more light, the limited space to play unlimited functionality and fun, it can connecting and division your room space perfectly, it is available for domestic and commercial use, such as Living room extensions,French or patio door replace ment; conservatories, sunrooms and balconies;  bars, restaurants, and shop fronts; car show rooms; swimming pool enclosures,and etc.

    Attached with high quality hardware systems, it is sliding smooth, non-noise. DPEM sealed gasket is used, aging resistance, maintain a perfect tightness, has good heat insulation, air tightness, sound insulation and wind insistance.

    Key features: Energy Conservation, high strength, colorful, good decorative effect , durable. It is suitable for different climate area and different style building construction。

    Note:  The top beam that hold the folding sliding door must be steel, wooden or cement structure, light metal and wood lintel don't  have enough strength to hold the doors.


     thermally broken folding sliding doors

    KL-TB60 Thermally broken folding sliding door



    Frame width: 60mm

    Maximum opening width: 10M

    Maximum height: 2700mm

    Maximum  Panel width : 1000mm

    Aluminium thickness: 1。8mm

    Hardware brand: SIEGENIA         ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ 

    Finishes (Standard color):              

    * Aluminum: White; Gray

    * Handles: Silver, Black and white      

    * Gaskets: Black        

    * Hinges: Black and white


    Folding sliding Doors Configurations                          

     There are over eleven opening styles, including inward and outward opening, folding to the left and right, and even folding both ways.

     folding sliding door configurations

    Security is one of our main concerns when it comes to folding sliding door design          

    * All our 5 point multi locks have hardened steel hook locks SIEGENIA brand, dead bolts and top and bottom shoot bolts.    

    * All running gear is encapsulated within the track so that the door can not be lifted off its tracks.    

    * All our folding systems are fitted with high security hinges to prevent the pins from being removed and the hinge being forced from the door。 


           Bottom roller

                        Safe operation



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