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  • Sliding door features

      With high quality load-bearing hardware systems,available for big panel size, stunning visual experience, a broader view, slide smooth, save space, advantage of light and practical is represented on aluminum sliding doors and windows.

    Raise sliding door:

    * Finish the sliding panel closing, raising, sliding, and other functions, achieve the effect of  sliding panel can be locked at any time, making the door conversion between sliding or non sliding.

    * Advanced hardware is around the sliding panel, and there is enough lock point to wind insistence, to ensure the panels is more durable. 

    * Advanced sealed gasket and brush design, get a good sound insulation。

    * With high quality hardware systems, it is slide smooth, non-noise 。

    * There are advantages of  Energy Conservation, high strength, colorful, good decorative effect , durable.  

    The sliding system can be used in windows, it is suitable for different climate area and different style building construction。


      These sliding systems are suitable for internal and external applications,for domestic and commercial use, living room extensions, french or patio door ,replacement conservatories, sunrooms and balconies, bars, restaurant.


    black thermaly broken sliding doors

    KL-TB85 and KL-TB140

    Thermally broken folding sliding doors



    Frame width: 72mm,85mm, 110mm,140mm

    Maximum opening width:10m

    Maximum height: 3000mm

    Maximum Panel width: 3000mm

    Aluminium thickness: door T=2.0mm,2.2mm; window T=1.8mm

    Hardware brand:ROTO;SIEGENIA          

    Track Options :  

    2 tracks, flush track          

    Finishes(Standard color):     

    * Aluminum: Black, White,Black wal-nut wood grain  

    * Handles: Black and white       

    * Gaskets: Black        

    * Hinges: Black and white 


     thermaly broken two panels sliding doors


    Sliding Doors and windows Configurations              

      There are over general three opening styles,sliding to the left and right ,even sliding both ways.
    thermally broken sliding door's configurations

    Sliding Doors and windows particulars    


    lock point sliding door silver handles
                      door grids      black handle              lock point                  silver handles


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