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  • casement and tilt-turn windows
  •   Convex windows is very popular currently,the advantage is not only get light but also enlarge space and view, matched with thermally broken aluminum profile, it is advanced applications,such as conservatories。


    thermally broken casement and titl-turn window

    KL-TB50 Thermally broken

    casement andTilt-turn window



    Frame width: 55mm

    Maximum height: 2400mm

    Maximum  Panel width : 1000mm

    Aluminium thickness: 1.75mm

    Hardware brand: ROTO;SIEGENIA           ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€

    Finishes (Standard color):     

    * Aluminum: White,Black walnut wood grain。

    * Handles: Black and white       

    * Gaskets: Black        

    * Hinges: Black and white 


    casement andTilt-turn windows configurations              

     There are over ten opening styles, including inward and outward opening.
    thermally broken window configurations
    casement andTilt-turn window particular
    ROTO handle for thermally broken casement window tilt turn window tilt position handle tilt position
                   ROTO handle                     tilt position                       handle                hinges


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