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     Wood composite Door is Sauerland Spanpltte and finger glulam inside, MDF  moisture-proof board  outside,and veneer decoration that provided designers to play with color lines, etc. Edge banding at four side for protection and decoration ( see Panel structure drawing as below for details); door frame is made by one shot process MDF with standard size, without nail to assemble.


    wood door panel profile wood door frame profile

                        Panle structure

                                             Frame structure


    Details picturesfor product

      You can choose to hide or butterfly hinge,ROTO handle and lock core, there are all high quanlity hardware, though the years passed, but the door is still working freely as usual.  

      All the processes operating in accordance with factory standards, the hole of hinges, handle and lock are finished before shipment,  simplification of the installation, you can compelete the installation without install team and  extra tools, very suitable for DIY。


    wood door handle wood door lock wood door hings
    Handle Lock Hinges


    Interrior doors Confgurations  

      There are four common configuration interior door systems as follows: Single opening door,primary-secondary door,double-door ,hanging doors, Inward,outward, left or right is available for all common configuration。

      Size range of conventional doors are met all Standard Construction building Specifications, it is available for customized.


    single opening configuration primary-secondary configuration double opening configuration top hang configuration
              Single opening            primary-secondary                 double opening                       hanging


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