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  • casement and tilt-turn windows
  •   Large windows configuration to get more light, the middle of a large fixed window has wide sight, there is  good ventilation if matched for tilt-turn window, and can match for arc or polygon fixed window as well.


    aluminum casement and titl-turn window

    KL-AL50 Casement and tilt-turn windows



    Panel widths do not exceed 1000mm and a maximum height of up to 2100mm. 


    Aluminum thickness: T=1.8mm                     

    Finishes(Standard color):     

    * Aluminum: White, Cherry wood-grain  ã€€ã€€

    * Handles: Black and white       

    * Gaskets: Black        

    * Hinges: Black and white 


    Casement and tilt turn window Configurations              

    There are over ten opening styles, including inward and outward opening.

    casement window configurations

    Casement and tilt turn window particulars 


    hinge for casement window wind bracing for casement window handle  
                   hinge         wind bracing                    handle  


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