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  •   It is good choice that aluminum shutter instead of wood shutter, excellent weather resistance, without fear that it is damaged easily under sun light and wind blow like wood blinds. Variety of  colors or wood grain surface can be customized, it can be matched for luxury wooden windows in order to sun ray resistance, anti rain and light adjusted, inward and outward are workable。


    aluminum white shutter

    KL-AL50 Aluminum shutter



    Panel widths do not exceed 1000mm and

    a maximum height up to 2100mm。  ã€€ã€€ã€€          


    Aluminumthickness: T=1.4mm                     

    Finishes (Standard color):     

    * Aluminum: White, Cherry wood-grain  ã€€ã€€

    * Handles: Black and white       

    * Gaskets: Black        

    * Hinges: gray and white






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