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      With high quality load-bearing hardware systems, available for big panel size, stunning visual experience, a broader view, slide smooth, save space, advantage of light and practical is represented on aluminum sliding doors and windows. Advanced sealed gasket and brush design, get a good sound insulation.

      Our Sliding door systems through to parallel sliding tilting doors or  the heavy-duty monster sliders on twin or  triple tracks with the addition of plant-on panels, there is ability that even to  open up corners completely,  we can maximise glass areas and minimise frame work.  All systems are precision engineered to guarantee you slide smoothly, easy to operate,  weather tightness and high security as standard.


      Systems are suitable for internal and external applications, for domestic and commercial use living room extensions;  french or patio door replacement conservatories, sunrooms and balconiesBars, restaurants, and shop fronts car show room swimming pool enclosures.


    aluminum-wood sliding doors

    KL-AW140 Aluminum-Wood sliding doors



    Panel widths do not exceed 1000mm and a maximum height of up to 3000mm.  ã€€ã€€ã€€

    max opening: 6m ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€   


    Aluminum thickness T=1。8mm 

    Hardware brand: SIEGENIA or GIESSE         

    Track Options : 


    Finishes(Standard color):     

    * Aluminum: Grey, White  

    * Handles: Black and white       

    * Gaskets: Black        

    * Hinges: Black and white 

    * Wood: white oak with transparents trim paint

    Sliding Door ConfIgurations              

      There are over three  basic opening styles, 2 tracks, sliding to the left and right , and even sliding both ways.
    ALU-Wood sliding door's configurations


    aluminum-wood Sliding Door particulars


    silver handle of sliding door black handles of sliding door top  track of sliding door bottom track and buffer of sliding door
        silver handle        black handles                                     top track                   bottom track and buffer


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