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  • aluminum-wood series
  •   This system—Thermally Broken Aluminum with Timber, is combination with Thermally Broken Aluminum and timber, perfect interpretation of the North American style, reduce wood used, forests protect and support global low-carbon energy saving lives; with high quality hardware, gasket and brushes, make the doors and windows have the best sound insulation and sealed.

    Key features:

      High-precision level Thermally Broken Aluminum is used in body of doors and windows’ frame, providing the white oak, teak, black walnut, pear wood and other high value timbers brings inside, that is not only retain modern decorative style appearance, but also bring the natural texture of wood into the home, luxury, elegant, durable, obtain performance of good thermal insulation, air tightness, sound insulation and wind resistance . To absorb aluminum and timber doors and windows’ advantage, it offers a strong, durable and maintenance free finish outside while still providing the warmth and character that timber brings inside. It is suitable for different climate and building style.

    Main matrial:

    *  Aluminum profile: high precision level thermally broken aluminum profile;

    *  Wood : White oak, teak, black walnut, pear and other valuable timber,  through dehydration, degreasing, finger joint, integrated processing and other technology treatment, played anti-corrosion, anti-pest, anti-alice, and anti-deformation.

    * Advantages of paint:
    1.Absolutely free of heavy metals, to achieve the requirements of environmental protection
        2.Waterproof, breathable, long-term uv shielding to protect the wood, anti-fungal, anti-corrosion.
     3.Have a good adhesive force, not falling, do not change color


    aluminum-wood profile


    Quality Stardard:GB/T8478-2008;DS/EN 14351-1  2006     


    Aluminum profile (6063-T5)

    Hardware brand: ROTO;SIEGENIA;GIESSE       

    Finishes(Standard color): 

    Surface treatment:  fluorocarbon coating, power coating, electrophoresis and oxidation coating。 

    * Aluminum: White

    * Other RAL standard color is available。

    Color card download:RAL color card

    * Wood:  use DULUX or Remmers special doors and windows paint to paint after  hand-polished wood surfacemany times, in order to protect the timber's surface.  

    Door Glazing Options

      There are tempered, Low E glass, hollow glass :5mm+20a+5mm ;5+9A+5+12A+5mm available. Can be filled with inert gas into glass according to customer demand.

    Doors' performance:

    Wind perssure:4000pa

    Water Impermeability: 5  level

    Air  tightness: 8  level

    Heat insulation:1.82 W/(m2k)

    Sound  insulation: reduce35dB(glass5+20A+5 mm)


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