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      For interior door systems, there are more expected, it is not only a door, but also a picture, a dream。。。it is design to bring the life into interior door, then the door is decorated the home space, there is a sign on the wall, the theme of family  has  perfect interpretation。

      We are  concerned about the environmental requirements for all the materials and energy-saving is our mission,all the material is imported from Europe, all meet stringent environmental standards in Europe,we chose the latest renewable materials, it gives designers more space but also reduce to use of native timber.

      Strictly speaking, we are not producing wooden doors, we are only in accordance with the designer’s idea, through modern machines and quality control, under standardized processes ,dispensing all the material, cutting and assembling, become a door, hope you enjoy it。


    wood door design


    Quality Standard:GB/T8478-2008;DS/EN 14351-1  2006    


    Door panel  profile: Sauerland Spanpltte andfinger glumlam

    Door frame profile:MDF moisture-proof board

    Hardware: Hongkong hardwares,ROTO handles and locks      

    Finishes(Standard color):    


    Door Glazing Options       

    There are tempered glass,coating glass, brush glass, stained glass available.


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