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  • Description of Sunroom

       Sunroom, commonly called Glass Room, that usually used in balcony, rooftop and villa garden. Sunrooms have lots of glass -many include floor-to-ceiling windows and glass roofs, and combine openable windows. Sunrooms are constructed frames of aluminum or decay-resistance woods that hold glass panels, and included windows & doors, Intelligent sunshade, roof window, natural ventilation.

    Sunroom design and construction

       For our Sunroom systems, we have professional engineer to design the sunrooms’ construction, sunshade , ventilation, choice the right material, and combination with window and door。 Help customersaccording to their desire, as easily as building blocks to create their own Sunroom。 Production standardized, easy to assemble anddisassembly, save freight cost and assemble time。 Variety of basic construction of sunroom。

    brown sun room


    Normal size:2.0 x3.0 m;2.5 x 4.0 m;3.0 x 3.0 m;3.0 x 4.0 m;3.0 x 5.0 m;4.0 x4.0 m;5.0 x5.0 m.

    More dimensions are available to customize。


    aluminum ;thermally broken aluminum and aluminum-wood is available to used in sunroom。

    Aluminum thickness: T=2.0mm;2.5mm;3.2 mm;4.0mm.

    Door and window Hardware: Hong Kong hardware;ROTO;SIEGENIA or GIESSE.

    Glass: tempered glass, Laminated glass, coated glass, Low-E glass.

    Windows and doors’config

    There folding, sliding, casement, tilt-turn, skylight, hopper window, lift, etc config doors and windows are available for sunroom。

    Manual or Auto shutter and fly screen are option.


    Sunroom's  structure and configuration

       Different kinds of configuration  is depends on house structure , free combination design, there are some basic styles as following

    sunroom config 03

      Single sides of sunroom that  closed to the house wall, that  sunroom is an extension of your house,  or  independent  your house,  there are double inclined surface,  four slope taper roof,  relatively large size, usually located in large garden, complex, multi-function。

       Single or double sides of sunroom that  closed to the house wall, that means sunroom is an extension of your house, usually, it is located at house interior angle Inclined surface,  fold line or curve roof are available.  Simple structure, easy to install, economical and practical.

       Double sides of sunroom that  closed to the house wall, sunroom is an extension of your house, that located at house interior  angle  or exterior angle are workable.

    Usually, it is double inclined surface,  structure is slightly complicated, but  get wide field of vision and good function.


       More other shapes and special structures:Round steeple,Multi-shapes  conical roof;square plus semicircle or polygon;Folded or ladder-type;polygon diamond;Trapezoidal flat.


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