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  • KN95 CE Mask FDA respirator

    We help a local medical device supplier to export their protective mask and FDA registration respirator, 

    A real facial mask kn95 factory provied FDA and CE Certified Real KN95 Standard High quality protective Antibacterial and Virus Face Mask.

    Help your customers and employees stay safe and healthy during these harsh times。 

    Hanging ear or wrap around the head design &  Strip inside to help effectively seal。

    Made of high-quality cotton and non-woven, melt-blown filtration system effectively prevents a series of viruses and airborne  particles.

    KN95 disposable face mask, 5-layer protection。 Non-woven Breathable, hot air filter fabric。 Filters more than 95% of airborne particles。 

    6pcs in a bag and 1kpcs in a carton, deliver from China, the lead time is 3-7 days.



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